Vol 4, No 1 (2010)

Žižek and Ideology - Guest Editors: Heiko Feldner and Fabio Vighi

Table of Contents


Žižek’s Notion of Ideology Critique in Context English
Heiko Feldner, Fabio Vighi
'Thought is Grievance: On Žižek’s Parallax' Abstract English
Rex William Butler
The Real Internet Abstract English
Jodi Dean
Struggling with Žižek's Ideology: The Deleuzian Complaint, Or, Why is Žižek a Disguised Deleuzian in Denial? Abstract English
Jan Jagodzinski
The Necessity of Belief, Or, The Trouble with Atheism Abstract English
Todd McGowan
A Subject that Matters: Žižek’s Ideology Critique Today Abstract English
Fabio Vighi, Heiko Feldner
Habermas avec Žižek Abstract English
Ricardo Camargo
Shakespeare's Politics of Invisibility: Power and Ideology in The Tempest Abstract English
Étienne Poulard
Techne and Impossibility: Re-reading Žižek’s Ideology-Critique as Geistgekritik Abstract English
Daniel Hourigan

Reviews and Debates

On Practicing Theory: Some Remarks on Adrian Johnston’s Badiou, Žižek, and Political Transformations English Spanish
Fabio Vighi
Meta-Dialectics and the Balancing Acts of Žižekianism: A Response to Fabio Vighi English Spanish
Adrian Owen Johnston
Symptom or Sinthome? A critical review of "Burnout and intersubjectivity: A psychoanalytical study from a Lacanian perspective" English
Duane Rousselle
Review: First as Tragedy, Then as Farce. Slavoj Žižek. New York: Verso, 2009. 157pp. English
Douglas Reeser

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